FAQs for companies

FAQs for companies

FAQs for companies


What's CreativeShore?

How are you different from the other freelance platforms?

Got a minimum time commitment?

Do I own the IP?

Can I get an idea of total costs upfront for a specific project?

Any fees before we start?


How do we sort the bill?

When will I be charged?

What if we need a few extra hours?

What happens to my balance after the project is finished?

How can I pay?

What is a deposit?


Are your designers fluent in English?

How do you pick your designers?

Can designers work in my office?

Do I get to communicate with the designer directly?

Where are your designers located?

Can I interview and test the designer on my own?

Can I see the designer’s CV and portfolio?

Can I request a practical interview / test task?

How experienced are your designers?

Can you help me hire a junior designer?

Do your designers do fixed-price projects?

Getting started

How long does it take to start the project?

How do I hire one of your designers?

How do I start?

How do we keep tabs on progress?


Designer drama or not a fit?

Not thrilled with the work?

Still have more questions? Contact us.